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Wolf Messing: The 20th Century's Greatest Psychic
"You're Wolf Messing! It is you who predicted the death of our Fuhrer!" Messing, the Psychic who fled Hitler, was tested by Stalin and astounded the world with his telepathic and predictive powers!
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Pope Benedict XVI -- The Tradition of St Benedict
When Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger took the name of Pope Benedict XVI, he followed a long tradition of honoring the Saint called Benedict. Who was Benedict? How has this Medieval monk influenced us?
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THE BIBLE, SEX, AND THIS GENERATION is a study of sexuality in Biblical and modern society, from a Christian point of view. From Adultery to the Wedding, this thought-provoking book is reviewed...
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Psychic Dreams: Can Dreams Foretell the Future?
Following the sinking of the Titanic, the serious search began by dream researchers to answer the question: "Can our dreams foretell the future?" This has resulted in the Psychic Dreams Project.
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DREAMWORK by David Dibble -- A New Book Review
The publication of books like Brown's DA VINCI CODE and Berry's ROMANOV PROPHECY, have revolutionized the New Age. Now, expert on dream interpretation David Dibble has given us the new DREAMWORKS...
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THE PSYCHIC WEB: Who Are these New Psychics?
The 21st Century has given us new names in the psychic world -- most of them women --many of them united in the amazing PSYCHIC WEB. Who are they? Where did they come from? What are their talents?
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Numerology -- the Psychic Science of Numbers
Numerology -- what is it? One of only 3 surviving sciences of Divination sanctified by God in the Bible -- Numerology has been called the Science of Numbers. Each of us has a Birth and Name Number.
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The World's Top Psychics -- Yesterday and Today
From Yesterday's amazing Nostradamus, whose prophetic quatrains are still enlightening us -- to today's newest psychic talent, Liana, whose incredibly accurate horoscopes are redifining Astrology...
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"How Can I Dream the Winning Lottery Numbers?"
It started with horses. Now, dreamers are saying they have taught themselves to dream winning Lottery numbers. It's called Dreamwork and this is how it's done.
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Psychic Research: What Has it Discovered?
In 1882, the Society For Psychical Research, with such members as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, began modern Psychic Reasearch. What are the discoveries of Psychic Research?
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