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Lhasa Apso Grooming the Long and the Short of It
Keeping your Lhasa Apso in Long Coat Or A Short Leisure Cut

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The tools needed to groom the Lhasa include a pin brush, slicker brush, a comb with fine and medium teeth, toe nail clippers and a pair of scissors and a hair dryer, spray bottle,

creme rinse and a good PH balanced shampoo.

Lhasa Apso's require regular brushing and bathing to keep their dense coats in the best

condition. So it is very important to teach your Lhasa Apso to lay on it's side

quietly without biting or wiggling. This is started very young by laying them on their sides for short periods of time and line brushing them layer by layer, then praising he or she lavishly.

You line brush the whole Lhasa Apso from tip of the nose to the tail, don't forget

to do the legs the same way.

Using a small amount of conditioner and water in a spray bottle will make brushing easier and help cut down on static.

Don't forget to clean the ears and to trim hair on the pads of the feet and trim their nails as well.

We bath our Lhasa Apso's every 7 to 14 days using a pH balanced shampoo, and a leave in conditioner. We line dry them with a hair dryer right out of the bath, making sure

we get every hair dry, set your hair dryer on warm. The last thing we do in the drying process is we take a metal comb threw all of the coat making sure we

did not leave any mats or tangles behind.

When the Lhasa Apso is all dry we stand the Lhasa Apso up and trim the pads of his or her feet with scissors making a spoon shape out of the upper foot hair. Then it's time to put up their top knots with

latex rubber bands especially made for show grooming, we make several pony tails to keep the long hair out of their faces.


If you want your Lhasa Apso in a leisure trim then you will have to buy an electric trimmer

to cut down the coat on the face, neck and back, Oster makes many good models.

We use the Teddy Bear hair cut for our retired Lhasa Apso's.

This trim requires little or no maintenance for four to six weeks depending on the type

hair texture your Lhasa Apso has.

You start by trimming the body close with a 7 or 5 blade we trim from behind the skull down the back, to the point of the hock working with the growth of the hair. Then you bring the pattern down to just one inch above the elbow on both sides.

You clip under the neck by lifting the head and starting at the adams apple downward to the point of the brisket all the time blending the coat into the legs, chest and rear as you trim.

On the face we use a 10 blade under the eyes to keep this area looking nice and clean and to keep eye debris from collecting. We scissor the topknot like a Bichon

blending the topknot into the ears which we leave long but trim into what we call a dutch boy look, by trimming them blunt about 1 inch longer then the ear leather.

We leave the tail long but trim it blunt at the end and we shave around the potty area with a 10 blade to help keep it free from debris.

We scissor the legs to one inch in length using vertical scissors stroke all the way around the leg.

Now don't forget to trim between the pads with a foot blade or a 10 blade making hair even with the pad. Then trim the nails and your Lhasa Apso is ready for his or her bath.

Dry the hair on the legs in an upward motion with a slicker brush dry the belly and then the tail and topknot

and your done.

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