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"How Can I Dream the Winning Lottery Numbers?"
It started with horses. Now, dreamers are saying they have taught themselves to dream winning Lottery numbers. It's called Dreamwork and this is how it's done.

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"When we were first asked by dreamers to guide them in dreaming Lottery winning numbers, we discouraged them. But now, with reported successes, we tell them it is possible." -Your Dream Team

The most famous authenticated case to Dream Readers of "dreaming winners" is that of John Godley, Lord Kilbracken.

While still an undergraduate at Oxford, Irish peer Godley had dreams of winning horses at the race track. In his first dream, he clearly saw the names Juladin and Bindal. The next day he checked the newspaper and found those very horses set to run, at 7 to 1 odds. He told his friends of the dream and they all placed bets. They won. Altogether, he had nine dreams in a row, all winners. To prove his story, he even had a dream of two horses written down and date stamped at the local Post Office. Both horses won. Lord Kilbracken was unable to explain how he was dreaming such winners but had a lucky career, later becoming racing correspondent for a London daily newspaper.

Another Englishman, also lucky at dreaming of the horses, was able to shed some light on the process. Harold Horwood, an electrical engineer, made history by consistantly predicting winners in the British horse race scene. He explained that on nights before going to sleep, he would enter a state of "intense meditation." He would concentrate on the horses involved in the next day's races. He would often wake up with a dream winner in his mind.

Today, dreamers are reporting dreams of lucky numbers. And winning!

How, then, is it done?

Dreamwork requires three steps.

STEP ONE: Keep a Dream Diary or Journal (This reflects STEP THREE) Put the diary next to your bed and learn to write down your dreams in the morning. If you're not used to remembering your dreams, this is a growing process for you. But it works. The more you write down your dreams, the more you'll learn to remember them in detail. Dream Readers will tell you that working with other peoples dreams makes them accutely aware of their own dreams. Read more about dream analysis. Go online and research Dream Study (The site *"IN MY DREAM..." Private Dreams and Meanings* at http://dreamdoor.00server.com has a collection of intimate dreams and their in-depth interpretations -- and is a good way to learn dream interpretation). Once you have mastered Dream Recall, you are ready for...

STEP TWO: Control the content of your dream. You can't do this all the time. The whole purpose of dreams is to explore your life, often using complex symbols. But if you prepare yourself, you may be able to unleash your own psychic abilities -- at least for one dream. If you want to dream of winning numbers, concentrate completely on one specific Lottery when you go to bed. Holding the lottery form in your hand, focus your attention on the ticket, the section where you will fill in the numbers. Concentration is everything. (Remember Harold Horwood's description of "intense meditation" while he concentrated on race horses). Have you ever noticed that the moment between waking and sleeping is a highly creative time? Draw on that unleashing of creativity. Think Numbers!

STEP THREE: Train yourself to wake up after an intense or important dream (Some dream diarists have even set alarm clocks, but this isn't usually necessary). As soon as you wake up, WRITE down your dream in your diary. Don't wait, thinking, "I'll write it down after I pee." Don't wait. WRITE!

And if you train yourself right, and you have the psychic ability and you are lucky, you will dream the numbers. This technique works for all games of chance. It's even been known to work for horse races.

Good luck!

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