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Feeding And Training The Racing Greyhound
A short guide to feeding and training a racing greyhound. This can be used as a basis, or starting point in your quest to win races with your new racing dog.

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The following is a guide to feeding and training a racing greyhound. It should only be used as a basis, or starting point if you like, to feeding and training your racing greyhound. You will win races by following this short tutorial, if your dog has the ability, however, you should seek more detailed information for adding variety to the diet and exercise routine of your racing greyhound.

The Morning Routine:

For exercise:
Take your greyhound on a ½ to 1 mile walk, first thing in the morning, before feeding any breakfast. In the summer you should finish the exercise before the sun gets too hot... you ought to have your dog home and in his kennel by about 9am on hot days. Follow the walk with a free gallop in a large yard, paddock or dog run.

Dog runs:
Many trainers in Australia now use parallel galloping runs, which are about 110 yards long and 6 to 8 yards wide. Large training establishments have 10 or more such runs built alongside each other. The dogs go into the yards one to each yard, and work against each other for about 10 minutes each morning. They will belt up and down until they have had enough, then wait at the gate to go back to their kennel or crate.

After their exercise they go back to the kennels for a quick rubdown, a drink of electrolytes, with Vitamin C, E with selenium and maybe some glucose with a touch of milk added, and a 4x2 dog biscuit.

Later in the morning any known injuries are treated with Ultrasound, Magnetic Field, or Laser as needed.

At about Midday you should let the dog out in a yard to empty (urinate).

Any trips to the Vet are done in the afternoon, with an evening walk of about ½ a mile at 3 to 4 pm. The main meal of the day is normally fed about 4 to 5pm.

Evening Feed:
For protein you should feed raw beef... 1¼lb to 1¾lb depending on the size of the dog, with kibble or wholemeal bread for carbohydrates. The beef should have about 5-10% fat. If you are feeding lean beef, roo or horsemeat, you'll need to add some lard to the meal. Add some fine grated carrot, celery and parsley and maybe some garlic. Vegetables are needed for Vitamins, minerals and to add fibre and roughage to the diet. If feeding veggies raw, they need to be fine minced, I use a kitchen whiz for this... a handful of minced vegetables is added to each dogs meal.

Racing Greyhounds need a vitamin and mineral supplement added to their diet to ensure they are getting what their body needs in order to cope with the stress of a racing.

Cook up a stew once a week for some variety... use beef, roo, mutton, buffalo chicken or whatever is local and cheap. Add carrots, cabbage greens, celery, parsnips, swedes, a little parsley, and some garlic. Save the slops from a big stew to add to a couple of meals during the week.

Take your dog out to relieve himself late in the evening, before settling down for the night. If the climate is cold, you should rug your Racing Greyhound, especially at night, as they have a fine coat, and little to no body fat when in training.

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